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Be the first to tell the story with Reuters global newswires services

With stories spreading worldwide almost as quickly as they are published, the need for factually accurate and trusted content has never been greater. Our unmatched reputation for reliability allows you to confidently publish current news stories as soon as they break.

Access over 2.2 million unique news stories every year, delivered instantly in multiple languages to suit your audience.


The fastest, most trusted source of international news

Reuters delivers the newswires relevant to your requirements. If you’re are a media organisation looking to engage audiences, a government agency needing fast and reliable global news coverage for crisis response and intelligence gathering or an organization needing text alerts for media monitoring purposes, we have the newswire for you.

  • Reuters Complete Newswire: The most comprehensive Reuters newswire. All Reuters text content in one place.
  • Reuters Specialist Newswires: Unparalleled comprehensive text products. We have newswires covering global and regional news, business, sports and entertainment stories.
  • Reuters Custom Newswire: Customized news feed tailored to your needs. Purpose-built news feeds filtered by your topics of choice so you can access exactly the content you need.
  • Non-English language Newswires: 17 regions are covered in nine languages, emphasizing the relevant events, issues, markets, companies and personalities in the region. Publish with confidence, knowing that your content will resonate with audiences in your region.

All our global newswires can be accessed on Reuters Connect, through an API or other systems that feed Reuters content into your internal systems.

Unmatched coverage and global reach





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Reuters Connect

Reuters Connect is a faster, more intelligent and intuitive way to source videos, pictures, text and more, instantly. Access millions of rights-cleared assets from Reuters and 70+ world-class content media partners through our platform and start creating exciting and inspiring content grow your audience.

API & Feeds

The majority of Reuters content feeds can be delivered to your systems via our API as well through other delivery mechanism including FTP Push, RSS and via our Content Downloader software.  We integrate with all kinds of systems and our team of experts develops bespoke connections that serve your needs.

Solutions for Broadcasters

From video and distribution to custom programming and studios, we offer end-to-end TV news services for broadcasters. Reuters is your ideal partner offering you access to over 200 locations and a global network of bureaus, ensuring there are no limits to what you can do for you.