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Reuters Brand Attribution Guidelines

Reuters news and information is of the highest quality and editorial integrity, and the Reuters name and brand is a distinguishing mark of excellence. The Reuters Brand Attribution Guidelines are part of your agreement with Reuters and ensure that you are able to easily leverage the strength of our brand. Capitalized terms used in these Reuters Brand Attribution Guidelines have the same meaning as in your agreement.

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Maintain Copyright Notices

You may not remove or conceal any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary notice included with or incorporated into any item of Content provided in a Reuters Service.

Credit Content to Reuters or a Third Party Provider

Except as set forth below, if any item of Content delivered by Reuters carries a Reuters credit or a Third Party Provider credit, and you reproduce a substantial part of such item in your Client Property, you must clearly and prominently display a credit to Reuters or the relevant Third Party Provider. Reproduction of a “substantial part” shall mean use of any item of Content by incorporating it into the Client Property as it was provided by Reuters or by making only insubstantial alterations to it.

If you are using Content from a Reuters Service as a source of facts, figures, statements, quotes, background material and/or other portions of text and combining it with non-Reuters provided material to create original news stories, you will give reasonable attribution to Reuters or the relevant Third Party Provider as the source material within your finished news story.

Unless explicitly mentioned in your agreement, you are not required to credit Reuters for video or live video Content incorporated into your Client Property. However, credit to a Third Party Provider’s video may be required, as specified in the accompanying asset Restrictions.

Attribution to Individuals and Content Details

Where any picture or graphic is attributed to any individual (in addition to Reuters or any Third Party Provider), you must clearly and prominently display such attribution (for example, REUTERS/Jane Doe, where “Jane Doe” is the name of the photographer).

Where any text story is used in the Client Property substantially as it was provided to you, you will maintain the original Reuters dateline and author attribution (i.e., the byline) that appears together with the story. 

Translation of the Content

If you translate the Content from the original language in which it was provided, you will identify you have made the translation.

Any questions?

The Reuters Brand Attribution Guidelines should address any questions you may have regarding usage of the Reuters brand. For further information, please contact your Reuters account manager. Thank you for being a valued Reuters customer