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Reuters Connect-Plattform

What is Reuters Connect?
Reuters Connect is a single source for all your third-party content needs – breaking news & archive. It contains a vast array of text articles, videos, pictures and infographics produced by Reuters and some of the world’s leading news organizations.

How do I access Reuters Connect?
Register here for instant access.
Login here if you already have a Reuters Connect account.

Who can access Reuters Connect?
Reuters Connect is a B2B service for companies who need to access and utilize news coverage. If you require consumer news, please visit Reuters.com

How does Reuters Connect save my company money?
Reuters Connect uses a flexible points system. This allows you to use points only on what you download. It gives you access to all visual content from Reuters and our partners, without having to pay for multiple subscriptions or multiple feeds, from multiple suppliers. Additionally, Reuters Points come in quarterly allocations, providing you with a better return on your third-party content spend.If you’re not quite ready to commit to a subscription, Reuters Connect also has a flexible alternative for smaller, niche or commercial media organizations. Instead of subscribing to quarterly points, you can use your credit card to purchase points to spend on a single content asset whenever you need. No commitment necessary.

How does Reuters Connect save time and improve editorial efficiency?
It does this in three ways:
1. All Reuters content is now in one, easy-to-use platform. This includes text, video, pictures and graphics for breaking stories happening right now, as well as stories dating back to 1896.
2. One search will return assets from multiple content providers.
3. Our story-centric view allows you to see how and when a story originated, showing you the very latest content to the very first mention.

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What content can I use?
Use your Reuters Points on all visual assets on the platform – graphics, video and pictures from Reuters and our specialist partners.
To access text articles and alerts, you will need a separate subscription.

Who are the content partners?
Click here to see a full list of partners.

What kind of stories are on Reuters Connect?
Reuters Connect offers unrivaled coverage that includes breaking news and archive content, as well as sports, business, entertainment and much more. Click here for further information.

Reuters Points
What are Reuters Points?

Reuters Points allow you to license all visual assets on the Reuters Connect platform. Only clients with a subscription will be allocated quarterly points. Clients without a subscription can use their credit card to purchase points to spend on individual assets.

How do I get Points?

Click here to register and speak to a sales representative.

What can I use/spend my points on?

Points can be used on assets on the Reuters Connect platform. Assets include graphics, pictures and live video from Reuters and some of the world’s leading media organizations. Points purchased on a pay as you go basis can be used on all assets, excluding live video and text. Some partner content is only available to premium subscribers and text articles require an additional subscription. For further information click here to speak to a sales representative.

How much do Points cost?

Click here to speak to a sales representative who can provide you with a quote.

Can I see how many points I have?

Yes, you can see your points in the header on every page of the Reuters Connect platform once you’ve logged in.

Will I be cut off if I use all my points?

We will not cut off your access – if you exceeded your quarterly limit, you can continue to download content but will be notified by email. You will be charged at the same rate per point for any points used over your limit, but may benefit by moving onto a larger points package.

What happens if I don’t use all my points in a month?

Your points will roll over to the following month but will be reset each quarter.


What types of cards are accepted?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit and debit cards.

What countries can benefit from pay-as-you-go?
Currently, pay-as-you-go is available in Canada, Switzerland, the U.S. and the UK. We will be adding more countries in the future.

Can I use a personal credit card?
Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit and debit cards.

Can I download assets for commercial use?
Pay-as-you-go is currently set up for licensing editorial content only. If you are interested in licensing content for commercial or creative purposes, use the Contact Us section from within the asset to get a quote.

I am already a Reuters client. Can I benefit from the pay-as-you-go functionality?
Yes, pay-as-you-go is available to current Reuters customers based in Canada, Switzerland, the U.S. and the UK who do not have a Reuters Points subscription.

What’s the difference between Points and pay-as-you-go?
We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the content they need, when they need it. With pay-as-you-go, you can license content outside of your existing subscription. Pay-as-you-go gives you the ability to act fast when the unprecedented happens.

You may choose to purchase a Reuters Points subscription which can be cost-effective. If you need to license a higher volume of content in the longer term. Please contact us if you are interested in a Reuters Points subscription.

What are the license details of an asset purchased through pay-as-you-go?
Your license is for editorial use only. You can list your media properties when you’re going through the Pay-as-you-go purchase process. You have 30 days from the purchase date to publish content in your media properties. Once the content has been published, you have a perpetual right to display that content where it was initially published.

Why are there different prices for the same asset?
The price for licensing content for editorial use depends on the type of usage (e.g. digital or print) and the size of the audience associated with the media properties where you intend to publish the content.

Where can I access the invoice for my pay-as-you-go purchase?
Invoices are sent to the email address you used to register your Reuters Connect. Invoices are also available in the Settings page in Reuters Connect.


Wie kann ich Partner werden?
Wir wählen unsere Partner sehr sorgfältig aus, um unseren Kunden relevante Inhalte bereitstellen zu können, die unseren Service sinnvoll ergänzen. Falls Sie Partner werden möchten, senden Sie eine E-Mail an newsagency@tr.com

Sofortiger Zugang
Für dieses Angebot gelten die folgenden Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen:

1. Dieses Angebot („Reuters Connect Instant Access“) berechtigt Sie für einen Zeitraum von 100 Tagen zu freiem Zugang zu Reuters Connect.
2. Während dieses Zeitraums von 100 Tagen ist es Ihnen gestattet, alle verfügbaren visuellen Inhalte (Bilder, Videos, Grafiken) von Reuters und ausgewählten Medienpartnern einzusehen.
3. Dieses Angebot umfasst keinen kostenlosen Zugriff auf Reuters Online Berichte oder Text-Feeds.
4. Im Rahmen dieses Angebots ist es Ihnen nicht gestattet, Inhalte von der Reuters Connect Plattform herunterzuladen, zu kopieren oder zu verwenden.
5. Nach Ablauf des Zeitraums von 100 Tagen wird Ihr Konto deaktiviert und Ihr kostenloser Zugang zu Reuters Connect gesperrt, sofern kein kostenpflichtiges Abonnement für Ihr Konto abgeschlossen wurde.
6. Sie sind nach Ablauf des Zeitraums von 100 Tagen nicht verpflichtet, Reuters Connect oder ein anderes Produkt oder einen anderen Service von Reuters zu abonnieren.
7. Dieses Angebot gilt nur für Neukunden. Wenn Sie zuvor ein Testangebot in Anspruch genommen oder ein Produkt bzw. einen Service von Reuters abonniert haben, haben Sie möglicherweise keinen Anspruch auf einen kostenlosen Zugriff auf Reuters Connect.
8. Reuters behält sich das Recht vor:
a) Personen, Unternehmen oder Organisationen den Zugriff auf Reuters Connect jederzeit nach eigenem Ermessen zu verweigern.
b) dieses Angebot jederzeit ohne Angabe von Gründen zu beenden.
9. Durch die Registrierung Ihrer Daten erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass Reuters diese Daten gemäß seiner Datenschutzerklärung nutzt.