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Reuters Health news coverage provides businesses and professional associations with access to market-moving Reuters business coverage of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries, in addition to a curated feed of evidence-based, relevant and timely medical news articles that are key to understand the global developments in science and markets.

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Reuters Health platform

The Reuters Health platform gives users in your organization access to our complete health news coverage in an easy-to-use web platform. This corporate subscription-based solution includes our Health Business news feed with an average of 100+ market-moving stories a day, as well as our Health Medical news feed with an average of 20 stories a day providing trusted, unbiased coverage of the latest medical and scientific news. Give access to multiple users within your organization and create custom access depending on their needs.

Customizable features: newsletters, searches and collections

In addition to being able to consume all the relevant healthcare and pharma content in one place, you can use the Reuters Health customizable newsletter updates feature and personal email alerts to help keep your team informed and engaged with what is most relevant to them. This feature allows you to pick by curated topic on some editorially selected stories or create your own, assigning to specific users, groups or teams. In addition, each user can create their own collections of stories, saving the ones relevant to them and with the ability of sharing with other users inside the Reuters Health platform.

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Leaders from across health and pharma rely on Reuters for trusted news and insights

Reuters Health doesn’t just deliver market-moving information and real time reporting – it provides the context and analysis for global decision-makers and leading voices shaping the future of healthcare and medicine in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical and health suppliers
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare networks
  • Government agencies
  • Medical societies
  • Medical and media publishers
  • NGOs, Academia and Researchers

Preview of the Reuters Health platform

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