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Verification Services

Your audience expects news they can rely on. As an authority in world-wide news coverage, we know how wildly misinformation spreads. That’s why Reuters is taking the lead in news identification, verification and media literacy to enable the real stories to be heard.

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Our Process

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Global Network

A  global network of journalists and fact checkers that can verify information and ensure contextual accuracy on local levels. Our verification team has access to 120+ languages and  resources  in  200+  locations  worldwide.


Reuters has been delivering unbiased, factual news and information for over 170 years. Now, you can tap into our heritage and expertise to distribute verified news with confidence.  

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New  Technology

Reuters Verification team leverages best in class technology to efficiently tackle misinformation, while consistently developing and evaluating new tools and methods.

Credentialed  & Transparent  

Reuters is a signatory of the International Fact Checking Network code of principles. The IFCN core principles include a commitment to non-partisanship and fairness, transparency of sources, transparency of funding and organization, transparency of methodology and an open and honest corrections policy.

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Viral Identification

Our expert verification team sources user-generated photos and video on social media to identify trending stories – allowing you to quickly respond to global breaking news.

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Fact Checking

Industry leading standards combined with our extensive global (and local) footprint enable you to distribute verified and rights cleared content on specialized topics with confidence.

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Media Literacy  Training

Learn forensic and media literacy skills from leading experts, so your team can better distinguish fact from fiction and stop the spread of misinformation.

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Analysis of Misinformation Trends

Our expert verification team provides tailored analysis and high-level intelligence around media misinformation, market/platform trends and beyond.


From the Capitol to COVID – The fight for verification continues