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With an unparalleled reputation for speed, accuracy and a dedication to innovation, Reuters is your ideal partner for sports content.

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We are the only truly global news agency.

Our attention to accuracy, authenticity and speed of delivery is as absolute as our commitment to new formats and digital innovation.

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Why Reuters Sports?

SPEED:  Expertise in accurate delivery of breaking news and real-time imagery.

GLOBAL: High-value coverage of every major sports league, team and competition in the world thanks to 200 bureaus in 120 countries.

MULTIMEDIA: Focus on coordinating coverage of top events across text, video and pictures to provide you with everything you need to cover a story across formats.

INNOVATION: New formats, new angles, new processes, Reuters Sports is at the forefront of the newest technologies.




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Reuters Connect
Reuters Connect is a fast, intelligent and intuitive way to source videos, pictures, text and more, instantly. Access millions of rights-cleared assets from Reuters and 70+ world-class media partners through our platform and start creating exciting and inspiring content to grow your audience.
Reuters offers high-value coverage of every major sports league, team and competition. From the pitch, the court or the circuit, we deliver text, pictures, infographics and video coverage on news events across the international sporting arena.
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We capture, distribute and license engaging, high-quality content for sports teams, bodies and associations hungry for profile-raising materials. Our sports media partnerships give you everything you need to get noticed. We can help you grow your profile, your global reach – and your audience.