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Access the fastest, most reliable news and information and get valuable insight into companies, competitors, industries and market-moving events in real-time

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Millions of business professionals and global leaders, including communication experts, press officers and media relations personnel rely on Reuters round-the-clock market-moving insights to help drive their companies forward, and empower senior executives with the tools they need to make informed strategic decisions.

You can monitor every important development with our newswires. These feeds provide you with a real-time feed of market-moving breaking news and alerts, delivered to you as soon as we publish it, and available in 16 languages integrated into your system of choice.

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Comprehensive global coverage

We have 2,500 journalists in 200 locations who have access to key decision makers around the world. We provide customers with a mix of major local and global stories. Additionally, we have the ability to generate unique and trusted insights from major political, regulatory and business developments affecting major companies and industries.

Influential and trusted

Reuters is the most trusted and authoritative news organization. We are renowned for our integrity, impartiality and accuracy and are an essential source of information for C-Suite and Senior business executives who need to monitor key competitors and markets globally to make smart strategic business decisions.

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Seamless workflow integration

Delivered directly to your media monitoring software or platform of choice with our easy-to-use API. You can also access the content you need on our Reuters Connect platform. Thanks to our intuitive search and filter functions, Reuters Connect makes it easy to find what you need, whether its Text, Video, Live feeds, Pictures, Graphics or Audio.

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