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Reuters Updates: Mid March 2021

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Reuters Highlights: Mid March

From the aerial footage of Tiger Woods’ car crash, to stunning photojournalism celebrating International Women’s Day — this is Reuters, the real world in real-time.

What we can expect from the Biden administration in 2021

A Reuters panel of White House correspondents and political reporters share insights on how the president plans to spend his first year in office, including tackling critical issues such as trade, government interventions of platforms and rethinking President Trump’s policies on China.

Journalists of the Year Awards

We will broadcast the Journalists of the Year Awards as a 60-minute program, featuring interviews, personal reflections and insights into the stories that shaped our lives in 2020 – available to the public and customers for the first time.

Want to pilot our new Planning API?

We’re looking for users to trial our Planning API Beta for free. Within your workflow you’ll get access to our Planning Data, including events that we will cover. If you’re keen or have any questions, please reach out to your account manager and we will review your suitability.

French and German language packages and video from Cover Media

Browse all of the latest celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle news in French and German languages provided by our partner, Cover Media.

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