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Providing stories about real people we bring the human side to the news agenda.

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Captivate global audiences

Give your audience the very best of original alternative daily news stories with Reuters Human Interest. Focusing on storytelling from authentic voices, our Human Interest content shines a spotlight on real lives, showing how news events impact communities around the world. 

Capture the attention of your audiences by sharing news that matters to your community. Perfect for mobile and desktop view, our award winning journalism will resonate with global audiences. 


Engage new and existing audiences through visual storytelling

From the latest in viral videos and solutions journalism to adorable animals and UGC, our human interest content will help you to stand out from the crowd.

 Compelling video on digital media platforms plays a crucial role when it comes to engaging audiences with storytelling. Our Ready-To-Publish video content can help you reach local and international consumers.

Optimized for social media, our Ready-To-Publish entertainment videos are  specially designed to encourage interactions and sharing on social platforms to help you grow your audience.


User Generated Content

Get enhanced coverage of hard-news stories and entertain audiences with social video content that’s verified and licensed with unrivaled speed and accuracy by the Reuters Social Media Discovery team:

  • Up to 15 videos every day, including on-the-scene breaking news footage
  • All content is highly curated, verified and licensed for immediate use, and content can be delivered via web or satellite
  • Entertain and grow your audience with the best user generated content, aided by direct access to our journalists and a 24/7 global helpline

Unmatched coverage and global reach





Reuters Connect

Reuters Connect is a faster, more intelligent and intuitive way to source videos, pictures, text and more, instantly. Access millions of rights-cleared assets from Reuters and 70+ world-class content media partners through our platform and start creating exciting and inspiring content grow your audience.

API & Feeds

The majority of Reuters content feeds can be delivered to your systems via our API as well through other delivery mechanism including FTP Push, RSS and via our Content Downloader software.  We integrate with all kinds of systems and our team of experts develops bespoke connections that serve your needs.

Solutions for Broadcasters

From video and distribution to custom programming and studios, we offer end-to-end TV news services for broadcasters. Reuters is your ideal partner offering you access to over 200 locations and a global network of bureaus, ensuring there are no limits to what you can do for you.