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With our suite of ready-to publish content, you can plug and play all stories in a matter of seconds.

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Reuters Ready Multimedia

Reuters Ready are editorially curated rich multimedia articles that are ready to publish for any digital platform, saving you editorial and production time and resource. With articles from around the world in nine languages, we cover the events, issues, markets and personalities that matter. From general news to entertainment; sports to science; technology to business news – we can provide you with the coverage you need.


Ready-to-Publish video and audio content

Whether you want to stream directly on social media or publish mobile-ready captioned video, our ready-to-publish video and audio content can be published without any editorial intervention on your part and can be used standalone or integrated into articles.

  • Live video to broadcast instantly during on-air programming; or publish directly to your website, app, and social media channels.
  • Voiced, fully edited video coverage of global events available in English, Arabic, German, Russian and Spanish.
  • Captioned video that’s optimized for consumption on mobile devices with fully customizable subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Ready-to-play audio stories of events from around the world, curated and voiced by experts for use in podcasts, radio and voice assistants.