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Reuters 2020 Journalists of the Year Awards

Celebrating the best of Reuters journalism

“The Journalists of the Year Awards have long been celebrated here at Reuters as a way to reflect on the work of our colleagues around the world, many of whom face tremendous challenges to deliver trusted and impartial news coverage to our customers. This year, we are excited to turn the show into an hour-long broadcast available to customers and the public for the first time. They can hear first-hand about the experiences of our top journalists, the obstacles they overcame and the triumphs that resulted,” said Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief, Reuters.

Reporter of the Year


Echo Wang
for her exclusive stories and comprehensive coverage of the breakdown in U.S.-China business ties, consistently keeping Reuters ahead of the competition on the biggest global business stories of 2020.


Francesco Guarascio
for his sharp, well-sourced and insightful exclusives from Brussels on some of the key policy decisions around, and reactions to, COVID-19.

Angus Berwick
for a series of powerful stories, including exclusives and special reports, looking at rights abuses in Venezuela and the means President Maduro has used to cling to power.

Drazen Jorgic
for courageous and revelatory coverage of the dirty money trails in Mexico and Nicaragua, from media to drugs to financial speculation over COVID-19.

Julie Zhu
for consistently delivering exclusive stories and deeply reported pieces, including a series of scoops on Ant Group’s botched plans to float what would have been the world’s largest IPO.

Video Journalist of the Year


Martin Quin Pollard
for his text and video reporting from the frontline of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing depth and breadth to Reuters coronavirus coverage at a time when little was known about the illness and the global impact that was to come.


Natalie Thomas
for her impressive work reporting on the changes in the Arctic climate, as well as her coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests in London and the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Beirut.

Issam Abdallah
for some of the most memorable video content of the year from across the Middle East, culminating in a brave marathon performance during the massive explosion in Beirut.

Scoop of the Year


The Falwell Affair
Aram Roston is nominated for reporting, in well-sourced and startling detail, the accusations of a sexual relationship with leading evangelical Jerry Falwell and his wife by a former business partner.


Mass graves on Hart Island
Lucas Jackson and Brendan McDermid are nominated for their exclusive photos and video of mass graves on New York’s Hart Island as the city’s daily death rate from the coronavirus epidemic reached grim new records.

Argentina debt deal
Tom Arnold, Adam Jourdan, Marc Jones, Karin Strohecker, Rodrigo Campos, Nicolas Misculin, Hugh Bronstein, Eliana Raszewski, Cassandra Garrison and Gabriel Burin are nominated for their incredible two-hour win over Reuters competitors in confirming Argentina finally clinched a debt deal with its creditors, perhaps the largest story in emerging markets in 2020.

U.S. crackdown on TikTok
Echo Wang, David Shepardson, Yingzhi Yang, Julie Zhu, Alexandra Alper, Joshua Franklin, Keith Zhai, Stephen Nellis and Sheila Dang are nominated for a string of scoops, analysis and insights on the U.S. government’s crackdown on Chinese-owned app TikTok.

Europe anti-trust decisions
Foo Yun Chee is been nominated for coverage of Europe’s biggest anti-trust decisions of 2020, including the Fiat-PSA merger, Google’s takeover of Fitbit and the LSE’s acquisition of the Refinitiv data business.

Russian paramedics’ accounts challenge Moscow’s explanation for Navalny’s coma
Anton Zverev and Gleb Stolyarov nominated for their courage and creativity in landing a world-beating scoop on the science behind the real state of Alexander Navalny’s health shortly after he was poisoned in September 2020.

U.S. air monitors routinely miss pollution – even refinery explosions
Tim McLaughlin, Laila Kearney and Laura Sanicola are nominated for a hugely original and illuminating exclusive on refinery air monitoring in the U.S., which misses all the pollution created by refineries.

Enterprise Reporting of the Year


COVID Kingdom
Stephen Grey, Andrew MacAskill, Ryan McNeill, Steve Stecklow, Tommy Wilkes, Andrew R.C. Marshall, Ludwig Burger, Emilio Parodi, Kate Kelland, Prasanta Kumar Dutta, Jon McClure, Simon Newman, Pete Hausler, Janet McBride, Michael Ovaska, Samuel Granados, Peter Nicholls, Phil Noble, Molly Darlington, Simon Dawson, Dylan Martinez, Henry Nicholls and Catherine Tai are nominated for a series of special reports on how science superpower Britain fatally mismanaged its coronavirus response.

American injustice
Andrew Chung, Lawrence Hurley, Andrea Januta, Jaimi Dowdell, Charlie Szymanski, Jackie Botts, Guillermo Gomez, Adam Weisen, Megan Revell, Kate MacEachern, Matthew Gilson, John Blanton, Janet Roberts, Sarah Slobin, Feilding Cage, Peter Eisler, Linda So, Grant Smith, Jason Szep, Ned Parker, Brad Heath, Maryanne Murray, Matthew Weber, Craig Hettich, Corinne Perkins, Troy Dunkley, Pete Hausler, Ronnie Greene, Ryan McNeill, Michael Berens, John Shiffman, Caroline Monahan, Isabella Jibilian, Blake Morrison, Reade Levinson, Lisa Girion, Brendan McDermid and Lindsay DeDario are nominated for a series of special reports on racial injustice in America, including how qualified immunity protects police, wayward judges who broke the law but remained on the bench, deaths in U.S. jails and Rochester’s struggle to police its police.


The takeover of Hong Kong
Janet McBride, Kari Howard, Greg Torode, James Pomfret, David Lague, Yimou Lee, Jessie Pang, Sumeet Chatterjee, Pak Yiu, Marius Zaharia, Tyrone Siu, Catherine Tai, Kerk Chon, Pete Hausler, Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson, Libby Hogan and Travis Teo are recognised for a series of special reports on how China has methodically cowed or crushed the institutions that underpinned liberty and autonomy in Hong Kong, its freest city.

Rite Aid deployed facial recognition systems in hundreds of U.S. stores
Jeffrey Dastin, Ryan McNeill, Cate Cadell, Yingzhi Yang, Engen Tham, Brenda Goh, Farah Master, Lucas Jackson, Aleksandra Michalska, Samuel Hart, Paresh Dave, Tom Bergin,  Conway Gittens, Callaghan O’Hare, Mike Blake, Corinne Perkins, Troy Dunkley, Julie Marquis and Simon Robinson are nominated for the special report on Rite Aid’s use of facial recognition software in low income, non-white neighborhoods. 

Business Beat Coverage of the Year


India’s shifting competitive landscape
Aditya Kalra is recognised for consistently breaking news about how India’s shifting competitive landscape and regulatory intervention have shaped the business outlook for companies including Amazon, Walmart, Reliance, Google and changed the game from industries from brewers to retailers.


Trump’s battle to thwart China’s biggest companies
Echo Wang, David Shepardson, Alexandra Alper, Mike Stone, Foo Yun Chee, Karen Freifeld and Humeyra Pamuk are nominated for relentless drive and success in landing exclusives on key corporate regulation stories, including on Tik Tok, Huawei, Foxconn airlines in the US and Google, Facebook, LSE/Refinitiv and more.

U.S. shale sector
Jennifer Hiller, Liz Hampton, Laila Kearney, Devika Krishna Kumar, David Gaffen, Gary McWilliams, Tim McLaughlin, Imani Moise, David J. French, Arathy S. Nair and Shariq Khan are nominated for producing a hard-hitting and wide-ranging file of insights and scoops on the collapse in activity in the U.S. shale sector and the end of over a decade of expansion.

Wells Fargo CEO ruffles feathers with comments about diverse talent
Imani Moise, Jessica DiNapoli and Ross Kerber are nominated for the exclusive report on Wells Fargo Chief Executive Charles Scharf’s comments on why the bank had struggled to do better on its diversity goals, drawing widespread criticism and forcing a public apology. 

How Venezuela sought to evade U.S. sanctions
Luc Cohen, Marianna Parraga, Ana Martinez, Diego Ore, Aizhu Chen, Jonathan Saul, Parisa Hafezi, Rinat Sagdiev, Humeyra Pamuk and Matt Spetalnick are nominated for the series of stories on how Venezuela has sought to evade the grip of U.S. sanctions with aid from allies such as Iran.

Desk Editor of the Year


Pravin Char
for injecting voice and a sense of fun to the business and financial file in 2020, turning stories about tax rules, debt and corporations into pleasurable reads with poetic headlines and pithy ledes.


Sam Holmes
for his work organizing the economics file, his key role in revamping and focusing our global PMI coverage, the guidance he provides correspondents to help them conceptualize and frame pitches, and his coaching of corporate finance reporters on how to write the early Asia Global Markets report after the finance and markets teams were integrated.

Lisa Shumaker
for being instrumental in producing stories from our COVID trackers and for collaborating closely with the U.S. graphics team and with the Bengaluru team to flag and plan for major milestones in deaths and infections.

Saumyadeb Chakrabarty
for the quick adoption of our new breaking news drill and high-speed turnover of large volumes of copy, and helping steer the Bangalore desk to adopt a global approach and a 24×5 rhythm.

Full Speed Award


Bangalore Bureau
for a tremendous win rate on major coronavirus-related news. The team delivered coverage through preparation, sharp monitoring and lightning reactions.

European Central Bank Team
for an astounding win rate on the European Central Bank, an achievement that came along with a string of exclusives and agenda-setting analysis.


Sydney Bureau, led by John Mair
for being consistently ahead on alerts from a corner of the world that punched well above its weight on news during the pandemic.

Norway Bureau
for recording timings victories on a range of big market-moving events, from an oil workers’ strike that sent Brent prices on a roller-coaster to three surprise cuts in official rates – and all while delivering original, insightful and multimedia coverage across the file.

OPEC+ team
for comprehensively winning OPEC+ timings and providing outstanding insight on the most important story in energy, especially during a year that saw a price war, a historic collapse in fuel demand due to the pandemic and an unprecedented response from OPEC and its allies in the form of record oil supply cuts.

Best Use of Social Media


Discussing Race in America
Lauren Young, Beatrix Lockwood, Ben Kellerman, Trevor Hunnicutt, April Joyner, Jonnelle Marte and Arlene Washington are nominated for exceptional social media activity around race in America, including Twitter chats and Reddit AMAs, which engaged tens of millions of users.


Climate change on @ReutersScience
Hani Richter is nominated for showcasing Reuters environmental coverage on the @ReutersScience handle and creating a variety of Twitter threads laced with rich graphics and images as well as memorable new moments for our digital audience in a challenging year.

Views from within the Pandemic
Jenna Zucker, Canice Leung, Beatrix Lockwood and Kathryn Lurie are nominated for using Instagram stories to humanize the millions of COVID-19 deaths and infections by highlighting the doctors and nurses, undertakers, essential workers and communities most at risk.

The Election 2020 Liveblog
Derek Caney, Natalie Armstrong, Ben Kellerman, Canice Leung, David Lucas, Eric Martyn, Jeremy Schultz, Arlene Washington and Jenna Zucker are nominated for the Election 2020 liveblog, which epitomized the cooperation between news gathering and the production hub.

Photojournalist of the Year


Carlos Barria
for producing a year-long winning picture file on major stories such as the U.S. election, Black Lives Matter and the global pandemic, exemplifying the ability to produce pictures and video as well as comprehensive reporting from the field on all types of stories.


Hannah McKay
for pictures and video coverage of not just the pandemic and Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the UK, but also a range of international coverage including the Australian Open, the blast in Beirut and the U.S. election.

Danish Siddiqui
for producing an extremely compelling file across the pandemic story, as well as protests and border tensions with China.

Eloisa Lopez
for her coverage of stories ranging from the coronavirus pandemic to the Taal volcano and Typhoon Molave to human rights issues in the Philippines.

Aly Song
for his work in Wuhan when the coronavirus story broke, as well as his continuing coverage of the pandemic in China throughout the year.

Photo of the Year


Protester Patrick Hutchinson carries an injured counter-protester to safety in London.
Dylan Martinez is nominated for his iconic photo of protester Patrick Hutchinson carrying an injured counter-protester to safety.


U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville, Florida.
Tom Brenner is nominated for his photo of former U.S. President Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally with the American flag flying behind him at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville, Florida.

Detained Filipino activist Reina Mae Nasino holds a flower during the burial of her three-month-old baby, River, in the Philippines.
Eloisa Lopez is nominated for her powerful photo of detained Filipino activist Reina Mae Nasino holding a flower during the burial of her three-month-old baby River in the Philippines.

Doctor Katharina Franz and paramedic Andreas Hankel of rescue helicopter “Christoph Giessen” revive a patient during preparations for his transport, in Hanau, Germany.
Kai Pfaffenbach is nominated for his photo of doctor Katharina Franz and paramedic Andreas Hankel of rescue helicopter “Christoph Giessen” reviving a patient during preparations for his transport.

A pregnant woman reacts to the body of her husband, who was shot in Sao Carlos during a police operation, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Ricardo Moraes is nominated for his photo of a pregnant woman reacting to of the body of her husband, who was shot in Sao Carlos during a police operation.

Protestor Monie Scott raises her fist while people chant around her at a memorial site for George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Leah Millis is nominated for her photo of Monie Scott raising her fist while people chant around her at a memorial site for George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Breaking News of the Year


Anti-government protests in Thailand
Prapan Chankaew, Kay Johnson, Juarawee Kittisilpa, Jiraporn Kuhakan, Athit Perawongmetha, Artorn Pookasook, Vorasit Satienlerk, Chayut Setboonsarng, Jorge Silva, Orathai Sriring, Patpicha Tanakasempipat, Panarat Thepgumpanat, Matthew Tostevin, Soe Zeya Tun and Panu Wongcha-um are nominated for reporting on the anti-government protests in Thailand, which provided insight and exclusive news on a movement that has demanded constitutional reform, political change and included calls for a reform of the monarchy.


Beirut blast
Samia Nakhoul, Tom Perry, Ellen Francis, Laila Bassam, Ghaida Ghantous, Mike Georgy, Ayat Basma, Yara Abi Nader, Issam Abdallah, Imad Creidi, Alaa Kanaan, Sergei Karazy, Abdel Hadi Ramahi, Charlotte Bruneau, Cynthia Karam, Maria Semerdjian, Mohammad Azakir, Hassan Seyyala and Ahmad el Kerdi are nominated for an extraordinary multimedia effort which set the world agenda with outstanding coverage of the chemical explosion in the port of Beirut.

Death of Diego Maradona
Adam Jourdan, Nicolas Misculin, Cassandra Garrison, Hugh Bronstein, Maximilian Heath, Jorge Otaola, Eliana Raszewski, Lucila Sigal, Ramiro Scandalo, Miguel Lobianco, Ueslei Marcelino, Leo Benassatto, Aislinn Laing, Sarah Marsh, Andrew Downie, Martyn Herman, Richard Martin, Philip O`Connor, Andrew Cawthorne, Crispian Balmer, Philip Pullella, Gabriele Pileri, Ciro De Luca, Rohith Nair and Rupak De Chowdhuri are nominated for an extraordinary multimedia team effort in spot coverage from around the world following the death of Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona.

Assassination of General Qassem Soleimani
Ahmed Rasheed, Parisa Hafezi, Samia Nakhoul and Michael Georgy are nominated for breaking news on the assassination of Iran’s military boss Qassam Soleimani and deeply nuanced reporting in the days after, ensuring Reuters coverage was fast, detailed and compelling.

Financial market meltdown
The global finance and markets teams, led by Vidya Ranganathan, Megan Davies, Rachel Armstrong, Lauren LaCapra and Sumeet Chatterjee, are nominated for an extraordinary team effort in providing agenda-setting scoops and analyses during the historic financial market meltdown in March 2020.

Global news monitoring
Aram Roston is nominated for reporting, in well-sourced and startling detail, the accusations of a sexual relationship with leading evangelical Jerry Falwell and his wife by a former business partner.

Legal Reporting of the Year


The Daily Docket
Nate Raymond and Caitlin Tremblay are nominated for ‘The Daily Docket’ newsletter, with its lively mix of news, commentary, industry buzz and smart takes on the most important and interesting legal stories you may have missed.


Legal business news
Caroline Spiezio is nominated for exceptional coverage of legal business, including elite litigation firm Boies Schiller Flexner’s request for millions in government pandemic aid, the way in which Black lawyers have been disproportionately caught up in disciplinary proceedings and the Trump campaign’s spending on lawyers.

On the Case
Alison Frankel is nominated for the ‘On the Case’ column, which offered deeply reported analysis on the most important corporate cases and legal issues of the year.

U.S. Supreme Court
Lawrence Hurley and Andrew Chung are nominated for supreme court coverage in a year when it dominated headlines, working diligently and collaboratively with teams across the newsroom to ensure Reuters won crucial timings, delivered multimedia coverage of the U.S. courts, a slew of scoops, explanatory pieces and analysis at speed and the qualified immunity.

Commentary and Analysis of the Year


Jenna Greene
for her range of legal commentary, from the inside story of a law firm working pro bono to help U.S. mayors come up with a detailed plan on reforming policing to a musing on the holiday lawyer movies Hollywood should really make.


Lance Tupper
for high-quality analysis of stocks for the Live Markets and Stocks Buzz format and elevating that file by guiding others on the Buzz beat.

Andy Home
for a series of lively and insightful pieces on the minerals essential to the electric vehicle industry, providing Reuters’ readers with thought leadership on the challenges in sourcing these materials and what the rapidly evolving industry in new transportation means for mining companies across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Robyn Mak
for a series of prescient views on Asian technology and biotech that kept readers ahead of the game on several big stories and trends throughout a challenging year.

Editor of the Year


Soyoung Kim
for running the most competitive file of the year with meticulous planning and collaboration across 2020 election coverage.

Michele Gershberg
for being a pivotal figure in coronavirus coverage, from dispatching reporters to driving coverage to explaining health breakthroughs in a clear, understandable language.


Paulo Prada
for his exceptional editing of enterprise coverage out of Latin America.

Matthew Tostevin
for leading Reuters coverage of the Thai democracy protests. He has steered the Southeast Asia team into a new way of working that better incorporates visuals and text as well as guides news editors to delivering the best reporting from the ground.

Graphic of the Year


COVID-19 Global Tracker
Jon McClure, Gurman Bhatia, Prasanta Kumar Dutta, Chris Canipe, Simon Scarr, Manas Sharma, Marco Hernandez, Lisa Shumaker, Cate Cadell, Jane Wardell. Data collection and research: Anna Banacka, Anna Pruchnicka, Cate Cadell, Christine Chan, Daniela Desantis, Diana Mandia Alvarez, Elizaveta Gladun, Emily Isaacman, Enrico Sciacovelli, Gayle Issa, Javier Lopez, Joao Manuel Vicente Mauricio, Juliette Portala, Kanupriya Kapoor, Lisa Shumaker, Olga Beskrovnova, Padraic Cassidy, Veronica Snoj, Wen Foo, Katarzyna Zajaczkowska, Antonis Pothitos, Shaina Ahluwalia, Chaithra J, Roshan Abraham, Kavya B, Anurag Maan, Sangameswaran S, Anand Katakam, Shrivathsa Sridhar, Hardik Vyas, Simon Jennings., Olivier Cherfan, Kate Entringer, Dagmarah Mackos, Federica Mileo, Kate Entringer and Piotr Lipinski are nominated for the COVID-19 global tracker, which helped readers to understand the true size and human cost of “milestone” events in the pandemic.


Australia and California wildfires
Simon Scarr, Manas Sharma and Marco Hernandez are nominated for a series of multimedia graphical explainers on the devastating fire seasons in Australia and California. The team used maps, graphics, animations, illustrations, photo and video to unveil their impact, from sheer size and historical context to the ecological and environmental tolls and effect on the wine industry.

How COVID changed the way we live
Samuel Granados, Anand Katakam, Michael Ovaska, Feilding Cage, Ally Levine, Minami Funakoshi and Sam Hart are nominated for a series of visual explainers on how COVID changed the way we live, which helped readers make sense of the “new normal.” 

US Election live results
Chris Canipe, Ally Levine, Sam Hart, Travis Hartman, Minami Funakoshi, Wen Foo, Jan Wolfe and Elizabeth Culliford are nominated for the detailed live election app that delivered results of the U.S. election in real time to both clients and in 11 languages, as well as a suite of explainer graphics that made sense of the complex and arcane U.S. election processes.

Story of the Year


Covering the Pandemic (the entire Reuters newsroom)
The Reuters newsroom, including text, pictures, video, graphics, Breakingviews and operations is nominated for overcoming enormous disruption in their own lives and meeting the challenge to cover this once-in-a-lifetime story from every angle for all our customer groups.


China tech
Alexandra Alper, Saeed Azhar, Sumeet Chatterjee, Anshuman Daga, Sheila Dang, Joshua Franklin, Brenda Goh, Cheng Leng, Tony Munroe, Scott Murdoch, Stephen Nellis, Fanny Potkin, Greg Roumeliotis, Samuel Shen, David Shepardson, Echo Wang, Kane Wu, Yingzhi Yang, Keith Zhai, Zoey Zhang and Julie Zhu are nominated for dominating the biggest business stories of 2020 on China tech, including Ant Group and TikTok.

Maduro’s Venezuela
Mayela Armas, Angus Berwick, Deisy Buitrago, Luc Cohen, Brian Ellsworth, Parisa Hafezi, Sarah Kinosian, Mary Milliken, Marinela Nava, Efrain Otero, Marianna Parraga, Corina Pons, Anggy Polanco, Paulo Prada, Manaure Quintero, Rinat Sagdiev, Vivian Sequera and Matt Spetalnick are nominated for their work documenting the means President Nicolas Maduro used to cling to power in Venezuela and the country’s worsening humanitarian plight.

Racial injustice
Amran Abocar, Carlos Barria, Makini Brice, Brad Brooks, Chris Canipe, Julio-Cesar Chavez, Diane Craft, Alan Devall, Mimi Dwyer, Jonathan Ernst, Kevin Fogarty, Minami Funakoshi, Andrew Hofstetter, Samuel Hart, Ted Hesson, Travis Hartman, Katanga Johnson, April Joyner, Andrew Kelly, Ally Levine, Jonnelle Marte, Dylan Martinez, Brendan McDermid, Frank McGurty, Rich McKay, Arriana McLymore, Leah Millis, Imani Moise, Jeenah Moon, Angela Moore, Ricardo Moraes, Eduardo Munoz, Gershon Peaks, Ernest Scheyder, Howard Schneider, Andrea Shalal, Kanishka Singh, John Slattery, Brian Snyder, Andy Sullivan, Sandra Stojanovic, Paul Thomasch, Heather Timmons, Moira Warburton, Lawrence Bryant, Caitlin Ochs are nominated for leading coverage across racial injustice and Black Lives Matters protests around the world.

U.S. Election
Sharon Bernstein, Chris Canipe, Ross Colvin, Elizabeth Culliford, Thomas Hals, Samuel Hart, Julia Harte, Steve Holland, Trevor Hunnicutt, Colleen Jenkins, Chris Kahn, Soyoung Kim, Catherine Koppel, Jason Lange, Ally Levine, Simon Lewis, Lisa Lewnes, Scott Malone, Michael Martina, Jeff Mason, James Oliphant, Don Pessin, Tim Reid, Jarrett Renshaw, Joe Shaw, Joseph Ax, George Tamerlani, Joseph Tanfani, Cath Turner, Noeleen Walder, John Whitesides and Jan Wolfe are nominated for excelling in their work covering the U.S. election, including election integrity issues, stunning visuals and compelling graphics.