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Decision Africa app gives Eikon customers comprehensive Reuters news and analysis on the elections shaping Africa’s future

As the result emerges in the Kenyan presidential election, Reuters news and analysis features in Decision Africa, a dedicated app for Eikon, the flagship financial product from Thomson Reuters. The app provides financial professionals with comprehensive Reuters news coverage of the elections in Kenya (August 8th), Angola (August 23rd), Liberia (October 10th) and Mali (October 29th).

The app offers clients an easily accessible desktop view of events across the Sub-Saharan Africa political and economic landscape, and is a one-stop location for market data, news, commentary and analysis. It also provides information on health and primary education, infrastructure, macro environment, technological readiness and labour market efficiency, as well as key economic snapshots of the four countries and Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

“The pace of political and economic change has been accelerating across the continent in the past few years,” said Sneha Shah, Managing Director, Africa, Thomson Reuters. “Africa is a rapidly growing destination for foreign direct investment, and with the diversity of markets and political and economic environments, investors are asking us for more ways to get unbiased, real-time access to the most comprehensive portfolio of news and data relevant to help them make critical decisions.”

Thomson Reuters Eikon users can access the app by typing ‘Decision Africa’ into the search box, then select from the autosuggest prompt. For more information on Decision Africa visit here

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