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Reuters to host Media Literacy Week Kick-off event with National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)

To kick off the third annual U.S. Media Literacy Week, on November 6 Reuters and the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) are hosting a conference to bringing together journalists, educators, professors and researchers to discuss journalism and the importance of media literacy.

During the interactive conference, panels will explore the challenges journalists and educators face in the ever-growing information landscape, how journalists and educators can work together to move beyond the “fake news” and what students need to understand to participate as an active citizens in modern society. 

Throughout the day, Reuters and NAMLE will convene the top minds in media, education and media literacy. Featured speakers will include:

–Steve Adler, Reuters President and Editor in Chief

–Sarah Bartlett, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Dean

–Katherine Fry, Brooklyn College Chair of TV/Radio Department

–Renee Hobbs, Harrington School of Communication and Media at URI Professor of Communication Studies

–Ryan McCarthy, VICE News Editor-in-Chief

–Barbara McCormack, Newseum Vice President, Education

–Damaso Reyes, News Literacy Project Director of Community Partnerships and Engagement

–Sheryl Huggins Solomon, The Root Senior Editor-at Large

–Brian Stelter, CNN Reliable Sources Host and Senior Media Correspondent

–Janine Werner, World Journalism Prep School Principal

To follow along with the event and Media Literacy Week, search the hashtags #MediaLitWk and #mlw17 on Twitter.

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