Pursuit of the Shot

Reuters Content Studio

The Challenge

We were briefed to cement Canon’s position at the forefront of photojournalism with the launch of their flagship 5D MkIV professional camera. In times of uncertainty in Europe, Canon wanted to draw positive stories from their seven key European markets and showcase them at innovative events.

The Solution

Award-winning Reuters photojournalists were challenged to put the new camera to the test and capture a human interest story they believed should be told. Working in cities across Europe, the stories captured a continent undergoing rapid change. The results were powerful pieces of photojournalism that had an impact across media formats and beyond.

people saw urban art exhibitions

impressions of stories on Canon’s website

% took an action as a result of seeing campaign

Wider Image stories

Reuters supplied every story – ranging from London’s grime scene to Spain’s Pueblos Blancos – to our subscribers via our newswire service and published them to our acclaimed Wider Image website. The stories were also published on Canon’s website with traffic driven by an advertising campaign on

Urban art exhibition

Pop-up urban art exhibitions brought the photography to life on the streets of key cities from Amsterdam to Stockholm in unique ways that blended into the urban environment. Links on every artwork took people to the story hub on Canon’s website.


Accompanying video interviews with the photographers got to the heart of the storytelling process with insights into the inspiration behind the lens as well as technical insight into how many of the images were captured.

Launch event

The campaign was showcased with an exhibition evening in London’s Soho where guests were able to view a selection of the images and get closer to the stories that inspired them.

“We are delighted to have worked with Reuters. The combination of Reuters journalism and Canon technology has enabled us to tell the stories that matter. ”
Lee Boniface, Marketing Director, Canon Europe