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The world’s most dramatic and highly acclaimed archive news footage ever captured.

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Always on the scene, trusted by billions of people

With over one million clips dating back to 1896, engage your audiences with access to important and recognizable video to support news gathering, storytelling and as part of content marketing and commercial activity. Reuters is trusted by billions of news consumers and professionals every day, with archived coverage from 165+ countries, more than any other news agency.


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Augment your digital content and engage global audiences

Over 500k clips dating back to 1896 come with instant time-coded speech-to-text transcripts, allowing us to detect and translate accompanying transcripts into 11 languages – as well as any multi-language videos that are a combination of English, Spanish, German, and French.

Where the video’s original language is not in English, we will display two tabs, one for the original language and one for the automated translation to ensure optimum accessibility.

Unparalleled contextual information for iconic video

Our cutting-edge Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions automatically extract information, such as people within the videos, enabling you to jump straight to the point in the video they appear.


Access our video on the most comprehensive digital platform powering the news ecosystem

Together with graphics and the latest breaking news and audio content, get access to the entire offering from Reuters as well as content from 80+ world-class sources on Reuters Connect.

Unlimited access to the entire audio and video news archive, where 60+ video clips are added each day via subscription or points and can be searched and downloaded within seconds, as well as access to curated packages capturing key moments in history – Today in History. Each video you can preview before purchase, play, get shot descriptions, and story details.

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